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13. března 2014 v 3:09
Game of thrones season 3 Game of thrones promos are guaranteed to be packed with info about the next episode especially for book fans who can read between the lines so it's always worth taking an extra close look.Here's what we can learn from the preview for season 3, episode 9: "The rains of castamere" (Which doesn't air until june 2). Robb vs.Lannisters.We open on robb declaring his intentions to"Take his home, take his gold, take his power,"Clearly a reference to his plan to attack casterly rock. "Show them how it feels to lose what they love,"Cat instructs her son.Angry cat is the best cat. Jon's dilemma. "He's not a threat,"We see jon tell tormund. "Killing crows is what we do,"Tormund reminds him.Will jon be forced to kill another night's watch member to keep his cover?Will he expose himself?Will he be able to convince the wildlings that killing whoever they are talking about here is not a strategically sound move?It certainly looks like we will see some wildling fighting, based on later parts of the preview. Bran and rickon are back. "For all we know, castle black's already underAttack,"Bran says, probably based on what he and/or jojen has seen in dreams.At:28 we see Party Dresses UK Sale Bran's eyes roll up into the back of his head, so clearly he has some sort of vision. Daario's plan.We see daario lay out a plan of attack for dany(And it looks like he holds dany's hand to show her, because he's a smooth operator).Jorah is jealous skeptical. "Or perhaps you'll lead grey worm and i to the slaughter,"He great deals ponders. Fight!It looks like they go through with something, because later we see jorah fighting at night.In fact, it looks like this episode will have a whole lot of fighting in a whole lot of different plotlines. Arya is still bloodthirsty.Despite their seeming truce in episode 8, arya warns the hound that she's going to put a sword through his eye.There's another shot of him drawing a knife.Is it to attack arya?Protect her?Do something totally innocuous?


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